“If It Fits, I Sit”

Today, I have a different type of blog – something which is a special treat, in my opinion.  My daughter’s very close friend sent me an email with photos of animals in unusual positions.  Calling all animal lovers!!!


I call this one, “Made to Order.”


“If you’re thinking of taking this box, think again.”


“You’ll have to get up!  I have to print something and I’m in a rush.”


Recycled tree stump – perfect for an afternoon snooze.

As you all have probably guessed by now, I love animals, and next in line is that I love odd, funny photos with animals the subjects.  The captions are my thoughts as I first viewed these photos.

Hope you enjoyed!  I certainly did.

6 responses to ““If It Fits, I Sit”

  1. Enjoyed your captions!


  2. Animals find the craziest places to make themselves comfortable. I love it!


  3. Professions for PEACE

    I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing this adorable collection of our fun furry four-legged companions and the wonderful places they’ll ‘sit if it fits’. Sweet! Cheers, Gina


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