Thumbing Through The Tools

I’ve been posting here on WordPress now for a little over a month, and it seems much longer than that.  OH OH.  Time out.  Rusty is here on my desk and is curling up and speaking to me.  OMG.  I’m melting!


                                            You could just melt-look at that face.You could just melt!

It’s not easy to ignore him.  Anyone with a lovable cat (yes, they can be SOOOO affectionate!), will know exactly what I’m talking about.

To get back to my blog….. as I was saying…… Blogging here on WordPress is quite an experience for anyone, and I am not excepted here.  It’s been a learning experience, for sure.

I decided to look around to see what is available, without trying to search out something in particular, like when I wanted to change my background, and change my blog address.

I found something new today:  an archive of comments!; and my blog statistics!  I answered some comments on the archive; others, I was not able to, because they were low on my screen and, when I wanted to hit a “reply” button, it was inaccessible.  There wasn’t any scroll I could use.  If anyone can give me some direction regarding these, I’d be forever in your debt (not really, but you get my drift!)

4 responses to “Thumbing Through The Tools

  1. You mean comments from the dashboard?
    Once you have the username/email of the commenter, you can search for that in comments (search box on the top right). That might bring up a shorter page and you can answer the comment from there.
    Unless I’m misunderstanding the problem…


  2. I’d like to be able to help you but I’m mesmerized by that face. 🙂


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