A Permanent Thing

Yesterday, I had a very important appointment.  Her name is Tracy, and she is a very talented woman.  I’ve known her for many years, and I entrust her with a very important part of my body.  When the appointment was over, I felt like a new woman!

Today, I had lunch with sister and daughter – special time as always.

Another appointment loomed afterward – doctor appointment.  When that appointment was over, I stepped into the elevator going down.  Had to maneuver carefully – it was loaded with people plus a man in a wheelchair with his caregiver.  As the elevator door closed, a small voice behind me spoke.  I turned around and saw she had a lovely face and was smiling at me.  Her words were, “I like your hair.”

4 responses to “A Permanent Thing

  1. We are assuming that Tracy is entrusted with your hair. Getting a good cut can make all the difference between walking out feeling confident or wishing there was a bag over your head! lol


    • I hope I didn’t have everyone guessing as to what part of my body Tracy took care of. The name of this blog is the answer.


  2. I thought you were commenting on someone caring for you because of a disability. It took me a while to understand why a girl saying she liked your hair was part of your story.


    • It seems more than one person was guessing. That’s what I was aiming for – a little bit of mystery. Thanks so much for your comment.


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