I don’t like the weather person today.  I was fooled.

I had some errands to do and checked the outside temp:  70 F.  That’s OK.  So, I dressed in short-sleeved shirt and shorts.  It felt quite cool when I went into the garage, but I figured that was because that’s where the sun doesn’t shine.  The car was comfortable.  I pulled out of the garage into the sun.  What a gorgeous day!  Another beautiful day in Paradise!

Got to my destination and stepped out of the car.  Wow!!  Who turned up the A/C?  It was COLD!  Finished my business and got back into the car as quickly as my legs could carry me.  The outside temp showed a nippy 59 F.  How could that happen?  I needed someone to blame, so who else but the wonderful person who predicts the weather?

As of now, 8 PM, it’s 51 F. outside and falling, but I don’t mind.  I turned the heat on and right now it’s a toasty 75.  Hello, again, South Florida!

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3 responses to “Predictions

  1. It’s been impressive here in Nova Scotia the last week + – we’ve only hit below freezing a few times, the rest of the week has been like the (very) beginning of Spring whereas a few weeks ago we were dealing with -30 and crap-tons of snow.


  2. Ugh! I can’t imagine the temp you have there. For us Floridians, it’s more than cold enough, and the temp is falling “as we speak.” I’m looking forward when you can tell me it’s like a little further along than the very beginning of Spring!


  3. Today the thermometer rose just above freezing, so I can completely sympathize with those awful cold temperatures you had.
    (I’d lend you my ski jacket, but I’m living in it right now.) 😉


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