A Negative Turned Into A Positive

Had a 2:15 appointment at a dental office today.  Was almost there, when my phone rang and was told that my dental appliance didn’t arrive yet and the office wanted to push my appointment back to 3:30, when they were expecting that the delivery would be made.  I was so annoyed, that I hung up on the girl, after yelling at her that I should have been notified before I left home for the appointment.

This office isn’t around the corner from where I live.  The round trip is almost 25 miles.  So, I made a “u-ey” and went back home.

Mulled over what happened and called the office.  Told the girl I won’t make another appointment until the dentist calls me as soon as he can.  He did call in the early evening and stated that they still didn’t get the delivery.  He was very apologetic, and due to my inconveniences, he said I will have a nice reduction in my bill and get a free teeth bleaching!

I’ll take a 25-mile ride again for that kind of consideration.

2 responses to “A Negative Turned Into A Positive

  1. Thank you. The story didn’t end there. He told me he’d have his sec’y call in the morning and make an appointment at my convenience, even if they had to fit me in and promised I wouldn’t have to wait. At that point they still didn’t get the delivery. He also told me his cell # so I could call for any reason. Did you hear from the sec’y? I didn’t. Called and left message on his cell. Didn’t hear from him and it’s now 3:40pm. To be continued. I think I’d better get his promise in writing when I finally do get there. Anyway, have a good weekend.


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