Well, I Know It’s Better Than All White

This is my pleasurable time of day.  I got some color in my blog, finally. 

WordPress wasn’t going to help me get back the original design of the theme, because I haven’t received any support email. 

I fooled around with it (I’m good at that; however, I didn’t get positive results with my original “fooling around” did I?).

I decided to go to Bing, where I was able to access clip art, images, photos, etc. of all kinds.  The search help is great; the choices are seemingly infinite, and I found it hard to make a decision as to what would look presentable, and with what I would be pleased. 

Among the other choices were:


but I figured the one I chose would be easier on the eyes.

I feel good about this evening’s work.  Hope you all do, too.  Please let me know what you think.

4 responses to “Well, I Know It’s Better Than All White

  1. Looks bright and sunny and beautiful. 🙂


    • Thank you, Sandy. I did want it to look bright and sunny, but not so much that it would take over from my blogging. I do appreciate your comment.


  2. Mellow and understated. Very nice.


  3. Well, thanks. Your comment also is much appreciated. It’s interesting that the 2 comments on this blog seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. And you are both right!! This is what I was trying to achieve.


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